Senior Republicans Want Trump To Stop Tweeting , Suggesting Concern About Trump’s Social Media Addiction

Senior Republican figures are concerned about Trump’s non stop use of social media and even if they have been concerned for a long time, now they are finally speaking out and asking him to scale back his use of social media or simply get off Twitter for good.

Rick santorum, a former Presidential candidate says he believes the Trump administration could be doing well if only the President would stop one thing: Tweeting.

“If you tweet everyday and complain about the media and complain about how you are being treated, you are going to be sidetracked and you are not going to get your deals done. That’s the message,”  Santorum said at Sunday’s “State of the Union”.

A leading psychologist from Psychology Journal has however said it is almost impossible for Trump to stop tweeting. “What we are seeing could be an addiction to social media. Trump could suffer withdrawal symptoms if he abruptly stops tweeting without professional help over a long period of time. Social media addiction is no different from other addictions say to alcohol or substances,” said Andrew Colt, PhD.


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