Red Lights Illuminating At The White House Have Caused Crazy Speculation On Social Media. Watch Video And Tell Us Your Theories!!

Flashing lights illuminating the second floor windows of the White House have caused so much confusion and speculation on the internet. All knids of theories have emerged online but Trump has not given an explanation.

Internet experts have said illuminating red lights have a connection with the infamous secret society (Illuminati). Illuminati gets its name from illuminate so possibly illuminating the White House with red lights was sending a signal to illuminati? Another theory was about the nuclear codes while another theory was about secret communication with the Russians.

The secret service claims the lights were flashing from a passing emergency vehicle across the street but people on social media have rejected the secret service explanation.

It is so confusing for us and that is why we are asking our esteemed readers to help us provide theories. Tell us what you think about these red lights. Tell us about any rumours you have heard.

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