BREAKING!! Statesman Shoved By Trump At NATO Summit Never Congratulated Him On Electoral College Win

A leading European political analyst and commentator has worked out a possible theory that explains the animosity at the G7 summit in Europe that culminated into Trump aggressively shoving aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

While the Prime Minister of Montenegro down played the incident and has said that he was not bothered by it , many of his country men and women took to Twitter and Facebook to blast Trump for his rudeness and lack of “common decency.”

Now, Valdem Sonja, a political analyst and academic has said that after the incident in which Trump shoved the Prime Minister was aired on TV, he followed it up online and kept replaying the footage and watching it over and over again, concluding that it was “calculated aggression by Trump.”

Then after aclling several reporters and listening to the Prime Minister’s statement on the issue, he got the final piece of the puzzle. “It was a Eureka moment,” he said.

It was later revealed the Prime Minister of Montenegro had not congratulated Trump on his electoral college win and the analyst says that’s where all the animosity comes from.

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