Trump Shocks His Anti-Muslim Supporters By Wishing All Muslims “A Joyful Ramadan” After Saudi Trip, But Can Trump Write So Eloquently? Read Statement!

Donald Trump has come back from his foreign trip that saw him visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe a somewhat changed man regarding his views on Islam and this is going badly with his hard core supporters who say they now feel duped. He gave a generous speech about Islam that was devoid of previous positions on Islam. And now he’s penned an eloquent message to all Muslims wishing them a happy Ramadhan! Read full message below!

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Ramadan

On behalf of the American people, I would like to wish all Muslims a joyful Ramadan.

During this month of fasting from dawn to dusk, many Muslims in America and around the world will find meaning and inspiration in acts of charity and meditation that strengthen our communities.  At its core, the spirit of Ramadan strengthens awareness of our shared obligation to reject violence, to pursue peace, and to give to those in need who are suffering from poverty or conflict.

This year, the holiday begins as the world mourns the innocent victims of barbaric terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom and Egypt, acts of depravity that are directly contrary to the spirit of Ramadan.  Such acts only steel our resolve to defeat the terrorists and their perverted ideology.

On my recent visit to Saudi Arabia, I had the honor of meeting with the leaders of more than 50 Muslim nations.  There, in the land of the two holiest sites in the Muslim world, we gathered to deliver together an emphatic message of partnership for the sake of peace, security, and prosperity for our countries and for the world.

I reiterate my message delivered in Riyadh:  America will always stand with our partners against terrorism and the ideology that fuels it.  During this month of Ramadan, let us be resolved to spare no measure so that we may ensure that future generations will be free of this scourge and able to worship and commune in peace.
I extend my best wishes to Muslims everywhere for a blessed month as you observe the Ramadan traditions of charity, fasting, and prayer.  May God bless you and your families.
Analysis: Trump’s position is slowly shifting. His message of Ramadan is quite generous and is devoid of the inflammatory language that was the trade mark of his campaign. This has infuriated many of his supporters some of who took to social media to say that trump had sold out to the Saudis. They are extremely unhappy that Trump has changed and softened on Islam. However, experts say that it was inevitable that Trump would change because America is a democracy.

Trump’s Ramadan statement has caused much controversy online and now experts say Trump is not capable of writing such an eloquent statement. Many people believe that the statement above is beyond Trump’s literally capabilities and say that probably a member of Trump’s team penned that statement and if so, Trump should give credit to who helped him write that statement.

What is your opinion? Do you think Trump wrote that letter personally or someone helped him to write it and he just signed it?  comment and SHARE!!!!