Trump Said The Germans Are “Bad, Very Bad” And The Saudis Are Wonderful Friends And Partners

With just a few careless words and actions, Trump has all but severed the U.S- European partnerships that have prevailed and been successful since the end of the Second World War in 1945.

He said, and we quote “the Germans are bad people, very bad.” These words caused anger, uproar and dissent not only in Germany but also other European countries. He clashed with the French President, shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro and refused to sign the Climate Change Act that all the other members of G7 signed. (Trump is a climate change denier and says climate change is a hoax)

Protesters hold banners during a demo

In Belgium, angry protestors made it clear that they did not want Trump in their country and he wasn’t welcome. Hundreds of thousands poured on the streets in Belgium’s capital to protest Trump’s visit.

In all Europe, people are totally fed up with Trump except for a few right wing movements. After Trump berated European leaders and said that German people were bad and he would not allow German cars to be sold in America, European politicians made it clear that they had to forge a way forward without the U.S.

But Trump had only nice words for the Saudis. He said the Saudis were wonderful people and they were good trade partners and he was taking alot of money back to America from Saudi arabia with him after selling weapons.