Trump Nearly Dislocated The French President’s Shoulder (See Video), Then Proceeded To Tell Him A Blatant LIE !!!

Trump’s brash and aggressive personality caused much controversy during his foreign trip. While he fit in pretty well in Saudi Arabia and appeared to have a time of his life dancing and rubbing shoulders with the oil rich Saudis, his trip to Europe took a whole different turn.

European leaders are gentle, confident, respectful and made it clear they will not yield to pressure and unnecessary influence from Trump. He complained of the delays he faced while trying to set up golf courses in Belgium, they told him in Europe things follow protocol. Applications for big businesses are assessed and analysed to see the impact the businesses will have on the environment, local economy, local culture and even the long time contribution to society or what would happen if the businesses failed or simply pulled out. The application system is slow but well thought through. The Europeans avoid Enrons and other white elephant projects through that way.

Trump therefore wasn’t going to bluff his way around the Europeans. He then immediately started an unnecessary comfrontation with Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President.

In an awkward handshake with the French President, he tried squeezed so hard on his hand and commentators have said it was a sign of aggression. It all came to a total crisis when they met again and instead of a normal hand shake, he pulled the French President’s hand so roughly and aggressively that a medical expert wrote on a blog later that “Trump could have easily yanked the French President’s hand out of its socket with that manouvre”. See video below! But even the worst bit was telling the French President a blatant lie moments later.

He told Emmanuel Macron that he had been his favourite to win the election and that Media reports that he was a fan of far right leader Marine Le Pen were false(fake news)

“You were my guy in the elections,” he told Macron but the reality is that Trump was a fan of Marine Le Pen whom he heaped praise on during the election and said that like him, she was tough on immigration and borders.