The President of the United States Should be on the Front Row, it’s His Right,” Say Trump Supporters After He Shoves Montenegro Prime Minister. Do You Agree? Yes or No?

Trump supporters have jumped to the defence of their idol as millions of people took to social media to speak out against Trump’s behaviours after he shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro (see video below).

With other leaders gathered to take a group photo, Trump shoved the Montenegro Prime Minister aside, adjusted his suit and other Presidents gathered just looked on in disbelief.

The Montenegro leader took it with a grain of salt and did not take it personal, telling a TV interviewer that it “was not a big deal”. Political experts said the Prime Minister of Montenegro poured cold water on the issue and came out the better man.

Social Media users branded Trump a “school yard bully” and citizens of Montenegro bashed him for being rude and “lacking manners”.

Trump supporters meanwhile poured praise on Trump and said what he did was right as he was claiming his spot at the front, and it was a right for every American President. Political commentators however said he could have politely asked for a way through without shoving a leader.

What is your opinion on the issue?