Londonistan: Nigel Farage told To stop Blaming The E.U For A Rise In Terror Attacks As He Has A Major Problem In His Own Backyard Too

Nigel Farage was last night told to look at his own backyard before continously pointing fingers and blaming the rise of extremism and terror attacks on the European continent to the E.U.

Nigel farage has always used his radio show on LBC to point fingers at Europe and mock Sweden and France for “having large numbers of Muslims and immigrants.” Farage has attacked Angela Merkel’s immigration policy which he branded “open door policy for Muslims and jihadists.”

TheĀ TimesĀ of London released a news report (pictured) indicating that the U.K has a major problem with radicalisation of young Muslims and indicated that over 23,000 jihadists willing and ready to fight are already embedded in the British society.

The Times report is not surprising. The U.K capital was at one point mockingly called “Londonistan” due to the number of Muslims being radicalised in a London Mosques and Universities.

The “underwear bomber”, a young Muslim man named Umar AbdulMutallab who tried to detonate a bomb on a U.S bound aircraft had been radicalised in the London capital while studying at a London University.

Radical preachers too have been preaching freely on London streets or in mosques and now the Government finds itself with a big problem.

Nigel farage however continues to blame foreigners and immigrants and being part of the E.U as the biggest problem.

the Manchester bomber was a home grown terrorist- a British citizen whose father left Britain to go and fight alongside other extremists against former Libyan leader Muammar Khadaffi.