Live Poll: Trump’s Foreign Trip Was A Massive Success, Say White House Officials. Do You Agree? Yes or No?

President Trump concluded his nine day trip saturday afternoon following visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and met with some of the World leaders at a sea side resort town on Sicily’s east coast.

Besides a few minor controversies like when he denied Sean Spicer a chance to meet the pope, shoved aside the President of Montenegro, gave a stern warning to members of NATO about paying their bills, and refrained from signing the Climate Change Agreement ( he believes Climate Change is a hoax!), he did not make any major gaffes or shocking statements or shambolic blunders. He did not post any controversial tweets, infact he appeared to tweet less than normal on this trip.

But still being Trump, he couldn’t avoid angry rhetoric. He reportedly called Germans “very bad people” and said he will make it impossible for Germany to sell cars to the U.S unless they shut down their auto factories and assembly plants in Mexico. (Trump has long running disputes and grudges with Mexico!) Some political experts have said his trip was a total failure and an embarrassment.

He signed a deal worth billions of dollars to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and over all seemed like he is finally putting his act together. (His critics said all those weapons shipped over to Saudi Arabia will end up scattered allover the Middle East and even in the hands of Jihadists and radical, extremists groups.)

During a half hour conference to mark the end of the two day G7 summit, National Security AdvisorH.R McMaster and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn were full of praises for Trump. They said Trump had succeeded in all his goals for his inaugural foreign trip- restore U.S leadership, build relationships with other world leaders and show unity among the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is clear the President delivered on all three,” McMaster said.

Fox News was full of praises for Trump too and many Fox News pundits said Trump’s trip was an overwhelming success.

Please go to the comments section below and give your answers type if you agree or not. We shall compile all the comments onto a poll to give the final results. Comment and SHARE

QUESTION: Trump’s foreign trip was a major success, says White House officials. Do you Agree? YES or NO????


  1. Looks like a unanimous verdict that the man is an idiot! I really feel sorry for Americans who were either disappointed by him being elected, or voted for him and wish they hadn’t, or voted for him because they were too ignorant and believed his bullshit rhetoric

  2. No!!! This whole administration is an ABOMINATION!!!! They have made the US go from Hero to Zero in 4 months!!

  3. so embarrassed by his behavior and his childish bully tactics. it is so sad that in all the years I have been proud of my country I am truly nauseated by his actions. He is friendly with dictators and nasty to our allies. What a sad day for our country

  4. This man, and his family, will go down in history as the biggest success for Russian espionage. Trump, alone, represents the sickest parts of American society. The end result is beyond the chaos that the Russians, Rednecks, and corporate Republican triad could have ever hoped for in their wildest dreams.

  5. He was an embarrassment from the beginning. Unable to pronounce names to pushing the President of Montenegro out of his way out a news conference. The man could not care less about getting his facts correct.

  6. really he stunk up the hole damn trip. he is such a baby ! learn the JOB are you get fired by the people you know YOUR BOSS WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  7. NO! Most disgusting display of arrogance yet. Shoving to get into the front row for a photo op, lecturing NATO, funding Saudi Arabia for weapons that will be used to kill Americans (remember, most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudia Arabia) so his daughter could get $100 million, grinning like the Orange Buffoon he is, lying every time he opens his mouth. The trip was a total disaster for America.

  8. He was a staggering embarrassment to the entire country. He did all right in the Middle East (despite stupid comments) because it’s a male-dominated society and he fit right in, but otherwise… No, not a success. Thank goodness Obama was over in England showing the world we still have some intelligent people in the US.

  9. Trump is a buffoon. The only world stage he should be on is Barnum & Bailey Circus (which is now defunct). He is ignorant, arrogant, and a thug. He has no sense of history, etiquette, or class. Everything he is doing or has done at Twitter-in-Cheif is an absolute embarrassment to the office of US Presidency. I am ashamed to be an American.

  10. NO, even the G-7 leaders said the U.S. is the only hold out for environmental change. He lies out both sides of his mouth, and his cronies follow. They all need to resign and go to jail, for endangerment of the citizens, treason, and election tampering! The 2016 election needs to become null and void. None of Trumps backers should be in office!

  11. A complete embarrassment to all Americans. His rude, arrogant and stupid actions continue. Limited American press coverage ( his orders) and continued love of Putin is sickening. His treasonous actions will have consequences as he will not make it 4 years. He will either resign or be impeached.

  12. By reading the world news, Trump’s Foreign Trip was a Massive Disaster. Considering Trump sold weapons that will surely land in the hands of ISIS, berated the Chancellor of Germany and NATO, and behaved in his usual arrogant manner, I’d call it a dismal failure. He’s surely solidified the world’s already poor opinion of him Plus he is supposed to be the spokesman of our United States. Trump definitely failed ,plus has only a bigger deficit to our country tax payers. Trump did not accomplish not one thing during this costly Fiasco.

    • You are completely correct about about the most embarrassing person in our
      History .makes a big arms deal with the country responsible the most terrorist deaths of American citizens I will BET half if not more wind up in the hands of terrorist groups and used against our troops and us GREAT job you moron. A home run my ass WHY IS HE STILL IN OFFICE he is a treasonous criminal IMPEACHED AND REMOVE AND IMPRISON

  13. No he and his family continue to make the United States look ignorant and arrogant. He surely does not represent my values or hopes for my country. He will never be my commander in chief.

    • I agree with you 100%!! He SHOULD NOT BE REPRRSENTING the United States of America in any way, shape or form!!! The fact that the people of the United States continue to allow him to continue to act in such an unacceptable and reprehensible manner makes the entire population of the U.S. look like we’re all as big of Baffoons as he is! We, the majority of the people, need to do what is in the best interest of our country and move on it NOW!!!

  14. No, it wasn’t. He made a complete fool of himself and the US. Not sure if other countries are laughing at us, or feeling sorry for us for him being our leader.

  15. These trips are mostly horse and pony shows.Considering Trump sold weapons that will surely land in the hands of ISIS, berated the Chancellor of Germany and NATO, and behaved in his usual arrogant manner, I’d call it a dismal failure. He’s surely solidified the world’s already poor opinion of him.

  16. They must be smoking that wacky tobacco because it was an unmitigated disaster and an embarrassment for the U>S>

  17. A massive success? Have you seen the massive amounts of news articles about his behavior? You’re joking, right?

    • It makes me sick how this man’s ego needs to be stroked after every little thing he does, or doesn’t do! The Pope’s gift obviously meant NOTHING to 45 since he didn’t sign the Climate Control paperwork. Also, the meal that Presidents usually have with Muslims to celebrate Ramadan is not taking place this year, so the speech he gave about Islam in Saudi Arabia, was all BS! And remember that prayer at the West Wall in Israel? I bet it went something like this, “I’m so rich I could own this Country! I’m the best looking man here, these peons mean nothing to me!”…He makes me literally sick!

  18. If you support Russia or the people that bankrolled and perpetrated the World Trade Center attack I guess you could say it was a success.

    • No, it wasn’t, but he did look better than he does in the U.S. because the people overseas don’t have to listen to his BS daily and see how many lies he tells us.

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