Live Poll: Trump’s Foreign Trip Was A Massive Success, Say White House Officials. Do You Agree? Yes or No?

President Trump concluded his nine day trip saturday afternoon following visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and met with some of the World leaders at a sea side resort town on Sicily’s east coast.

Besides a few minor controversies like when he denied Sean Spicer a chance to meet the pope, shoved aside the President of Montenegro, gave a stern warning to members of NATO about paying their bills, and refrained from signing the Climate Change Agreement ( he believes Climate Change is a hoax!), he did not make any major gaffes or shocking statements or shambolic blunders. He did not post any controversial tweets, infact he appeared to tweet less than normal on this trip.

But still being Trump, he couldn’t avoid angry rhetoric. He reportedly called Germans “very bad people” and said he will make it impossible for Germany to sell cars to the U.S unless they shut down their auto factories and assembly plants in Mexico. (Trump has long running disputes and grudges with Mexico!) Some political experts have said his trip was a total failure and an embarrassment.

He signed a deal worth billions of dollars to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and over all seemed like he is finally putting his act together. (His critics said all those weapons shipped over to Saudi Arabia will end up scattered allover the Middle East and even in the hands of Jihadists and radical, extremists groups.)

During a half hour conference to mark the end of the two day G7 summit, National Security AdvisorH.R McMaster and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn were full of praises for Trump. They said Trump had succeeded in all his goals for his inaugural foreign trip- restore U.S leadership, build relationships with other world leaders and show unity among the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is clear the President delivered on all three,” McMaster said.

Fox News was full of praises for Trump too and many Fox News pundits said Trump’s trip was an overwhelming success.

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QUESTION: Trump’s foreign trip was a major success, says White House officials. Do you Agree? YES or NO????