Live Poll: Is Theresa May Britain’s Answer To Donald Trump? Yes or No?

Britain’s strong lady and Prime Minister Theresa May is currently facing a tough battle for election to office on 8th June. We can’t use the word re-election as she wasn’t elected to her Prime Ministerial position in the first place. She simply took over when David cameron resigned following a disastrous Brexit vote that saw Britain withdraw from the European Union.

Theresa May has enjoyed a strong lead since she announced a snap election but her manifesto has rolled back her campaign progress and right now she will have to fight for every single vote as the most recent polls show that she is on per with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.

A Times/YouGov Poll last week showed she was just 5 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn but with a margin of error and an uproar over her Dementia tax and plan to scrap school meals, it is possible that Jeremy Corbyn is either at the same percentage point with her or even higher. At the moment it is hard to know who will actually win the general election. Polls can get it wrong too like the case for the 2016 U.S Presidential elections where all polls indicated that Hillary Clinton would win the general election by an overwhelming majority. Donald Trump threw a major surprise and won the election.

Trump and Theresa May have much in common. They both represent Conservative Parties in their respective countries and both embrace hard right wing ideals.

Trump has overhauled the U.S healthcare in a move that will leave 23 million americans with no medical insurance. Theresa May has in her manifesto detailed a plan to introduce “Dementia tax” and overhaul the U.K’s NHS. The U.K has for generations enjoyed Universal Healthcare but this could change if Theresa May wins the next general election.

So the question now is for you our esteemed readers. Please answer truthfully and give your opinions. You can answer on Facebook but also it is important to answer on here and leave comments on our website so we can compile them in a major poll. We also kindly ask you to share this article as we want it as many people as possible to read this post before the voting date of 8th June.

Question: Is Theresa May Britain’s answer to Donald Trump? Yes or No?


  1. You’re joking. Jeremy Corbyn is Britain’s Trump. Only he really will drain the swamp. Not just promise to then do the opposite.

  2. Both are full of interest in themselves and their own ambitions. Neither are interested in the health, social and financial wellbeing of their countrymen and care more for the profits of rich shareholders than the environment. So yes Theresa May is our answer to Trump.

  3. They are tarred with the same brush. Neither is up to the job. Both are in love with themselves. Both seem to think it is God’s will that they are in the position they are in. Both seem to have forgotten that they are the member of a political party and that they aren’t a monarch. Both crave attention whether it’s by knocking people flying to get to the front of the group or by parading in Vogue magazine. Both are poor speakers. Neither of them say anything useful or informative. I wouldn’t trust either to look after a pet budgie for the weekend never mind run a country.

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