Conservatives Are Concerned That Theresa May’s “Strong and Stable” Leadership Mantra Has Failed To Cut Through with Voters

With less than a fortnight to the general election, polls show that Theresa May is doing now pretty on par with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn which is a cause for a concern as surveys show that Theresa May’s campaign has slowed down while Jeremy Corbyn’s is picking up steam and on an upward trajectory.

Theresa May’s poor performance is her own fault. Her manifesto has caused almost uproar. In a nation where people have enjoyed Universal Healthcare for generations, there is simply no way she was going to introduce “Dementia tax” and get away with it. Senior tories have asked her to scrap the tax but she has only responded by toning it down but even now the electorate are suspicious. They know if she wins, then she will simply roll back “Dementia tax”.

A report in the Daily Telegraph quotes one Tory official saying the Party had been hit by a double whammy from the manifesto with supporters in the north of England upset about the cut to the winter fuel allowance and those in the south worried about plans to force pensioners to pay more for social care.

Senior Tories have expressed concern that her message of “strong and stable leadership” is not cutting through with the voters and now the Tories are to start bitter personal attacks and character assasination on Jeremy Corbyn in a strategy to stop his upward trajectory and snap up undecided voters.

Already, Jeremy Corbyn’s comments about the Manchester bombing have been twisted and taken out of context.

The next week coming up to the general election will be interesting.


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