Tory Upset As Latest YouGov/ Times Polls Show Labour Has Cut Their Lead To Just Five Points

Labour’s performance is now a cause for concern to Theresa May who has largely been dominating the polls since she called the election as this week sees Labour Party perform much better than expected as the latest YouGov/ Times Polls show Labour is now getting even, just shy of five points to tie neck and neck.

If Labour can keep up the momentum of this week then the election victory will be within their reach. It’s now a high stakes game- neck and neck. With this week’s YouGov polls, Theresa May can not sit back and take her previous pole position for granted.

Labour’s surge in the polls comes after a very difficult moment for Britain, following a suicide bombing in Manchester that left many concert goers dead and even many more severely injured.

The Independent reports that a separate poll conducted after the Conservatives manifesto launch found that 28 percent of voters said they were less likely to vote Tory because of Theresa May’s controversial “Dementia tax.”

The Tories have now quickly watered down Dementia tax although some Conservatives wanted it scrapped as they see it as a big issue in the campaigns.

The Conservatives are now claiming that Jeremy Corbyn would not be able to lead Britain through such a difficult time and that he appears to be inexperienced to handle the threat of terrorism but Labour campaign activists have pointed out that the Conservative Party austerity programmes that saw a cut and shrinking of the Police force show a poor plan for national security by the Tories.

Political experts expect the campaign to get even more nasty as the Tories seek a way to stop Labour’s surge in polls and this will be evident how Jeremy Corbyn is personally attacked and vilified in the coming days.

Jeremy Corbyn has seen favourable poll ratings especially with his pledge to scrap University tution fees . Most European countries like Germany, Austria, and the Scandinavian countries, and even Scotland do not understand the concept of University tution fees and students study without the burden of University student loans. It doesn’t affect the quality of their education as the mentioned countries have some of the World’s best schools and Universities.

Jeremy Corbyn is also campaigning to keep the NHS totally free from Privatisation which is being considered by Theresa May.

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  1. If it means stopping May and her ugly crew of bigots and thugs then I am prepared to hold my nose and vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I don’t like him but he is telling it like it is..

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