Live Poll: Do You Consider Russia To Be A Friend Or Enemy Of The United States?

The Trump-Russia scandal that has engulfed Washington since Trump took over power has left many Americans puzzled and wondering if Russia is a friend or adversary. Historically, at least in modern times, Russia and the U.S have always been at logger heads with each other.

They have engaged in some ugly comfrontations over the years and have played cat and mouse games diplomatically over the years. The U.S and Russia have been competing endlessly be it with the Space race or the arms race (the two countries have the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons on the planet)

When Trump won the Presidency, he said he will work together with Russia and make them our ally to help fight global terrorism and indeed the Kremlin was open to the idae.

But what could have deeply undermined the U.S – Russia relationship is the Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S Presidential election. The ex C.I.A director comfirmed to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia was deeply involved in influencing the 2016 elections. In fact, he says during the elections he called Russia and warned them not to interfere with the U.S democratic process.

The American public too feels Russia misbehaved during the U.S elections but Trump supporters say that we should cultivate a relationship with Russia and make them our ally in the global war on terrorism.

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Do you consider Russia to be a friend or enemy of the United States?