Harvard Graduates May Have To Learn RUSSIAN As A Second Language To Get Jobs In Trump Administration, Says John Kerry. Watch Video!!

Former U.S Secretary of State and long time diplomat gave an impassioned and eloquent speech as the commencement speaker for Harvard Kennedy School classof 2017 and not a single student walked out of his speech, a stark contrast against Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech several days ago when many students walked out in protest.

In a light hearted joke about the current events of the Trump-Russia scandal, Kerry said ” Harvard graduates who want to get jobs in the Trump administration should buy the Rosetta Stone and learn Russian!” This joke broke the ice and had many graduates and visitors laughing out loud.

He told about the his time at Yale, his protests against the Vietnam war of which he is a veteran hero, and advised the students to stay true to their principles and try to make a difference in any walk of life they may choose.

He also warned that the current political climate in America is not normal. “It is not normal when the President of the U.S castigates the press, fires judges, and fires the director of C.I.A who is investigating his connection to Russia.”

Watch the full video below: