Woman Who Branded U.K Prime Minister A TERRORIST Could Face Charges, Says Criminal Defence Lawyer. Watch Video!!!

A British woman who demonstrated at the gates of Downing Street, the U.K Prime Minister Official residence and branded her a terrorist is likely to face charges, says a leading criminal defense lawyer.

The woman who said she is fed up with the Prime Minister’s insensitivities and policies that are harming working class families said that Theresa May is heartless and not worthy to lead Britain before going further and branding the Conservative Prime Minister “a terrorist.”

She also told the police officers manning the gates at Downing Street that they were “protecting a terrorist.”

Now, a leading criminal defence lawyer who analysed the footage says that the woman will most likely be prosecuted. “She could be tried on different charges and they could even have a serious case against her. If she’s lucky, she could just walk away with a police caution. Else, she could face misdemeanour ┬ácharges. At worst, she can be tried for disturbing the peace, verbal harassment and she could easily end up paying heavy court fines,” said James Fields.

“People have a limited understanding of the concept of freedom of expression. They forget that freedom of expression is subjective and has limitations,” he added.