Woman Who Branded U.K Prime Minister A TERRORIST Could Face Charges, Says Criminal Defence Lawyer. Watch Video!!!

A British woman who demonstrated at the gates of Downing Street, the U.K Prime Minister Official residence and branded her a terrorist is likely to face charges, says a leading criminal defense lawyer.

The woman who said she is fed up with the Prime Minister’s insensitivities and policies that are harming working class families said that Theresa May is heartless and not worthy to lead Britain before going further and branding the Conservative Prime Minister “a terrorist.”

She also told the police officers manning the gates at Downing Street that they were “protecting a terrorist.”

Now, a leading criminal defence lawyer who analysed the footage says that the woman will most likely be prosecuted. “She could be tried on different charges and they could even have a serious case against her. If she’s lucky, she could just walk away with a police caution. Else, she could face misdemeanour  charges. At worst, she can be tried for disturbing the peace, verbal harassment and she could easily end up paying heavy court fines,” said James Fields.

“People have a limited understanding of the concept of freedom of expression. They forget that freedom of expression is subjective and has limitations,” he added.




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  2. Is there not enough heartbreak in the world, when the media has to push fake news to fill their column inches.. how about you media hounds try writing the truth for a change. BUT you decide to denegrate an honest, passionate woman for telling the absolute truth. Tina Buckley was speaking the truth and has not broken any laws to my knowledge. So shut your yap and try wring truthful news.

  3. What a load of rot. Fortunately a lot of people know what really happened. Including the friendly police officers who were more than willing to smile, share a joke and pose for pictures with the delightful young lady. I agree it is not fake news it is just propaganda and lies that the sheeple are swallowing wholesale.

  4. Tina Buckley is a voice for the people who seek truth and justice within our country. She was taking the fight right up to the door of number 10, simple as that. She speaks for all who have no voice anymore, she’s standing up to the bullies. And as far as I’m concerned, we should take a leaf out of her book. She’s inspirational and a beacon of HOPE to us all.

  5. This woman is a credit to all that is decent and honest in this corrupt country !
    Arrest us all !
    Thousands of the population agree whole heartedly with you young woman !

  6. Many disabled people are living in fear because of what the Conservatives have done to the benefits system. Thousands have died after being declared fit for work. Conservative cuts have killed more people than that suicide bombing b*stard in Manchester.

  7. This would not have made the news had she not have a Corbyn backpack on, another attempt to discredit him.

  8. You go girl,your only saying what a lot of us are thinking,however we do not have the courage to tell it as it is.If more of us were willing to go there they would have to do something,(WAIT NO THEY WOULD NOT IN THEIR RICH CONTEMPT AND ARROGANCE) We must rid ourselves of this evil government.They truly have no shame or compassion.I thought after Thatcher they would never be trusted again,our NHS has been decimated,our education system is robbing our children of a future and pensioners choose between eating and heating in the winter.As for the rest of us anyone who is out of work,ill disabled or have mental health problems are legitimate targets for these murderers.Shame on themand shame on anyone who votes for them.i despise them and everything they stand for.

  9. Interesting that the army has been brought in to guard Downing Street because our prime minister has decimated the police force to such a low level of manpower that there are not enough London police available.

  10. I wholly agree with this ladies comments about TM’s insensitivities and we can provide a longer list of sections of society, real people, she has hurt along with other ‘the Cons’ with thier policies hitting and hurting, poor sick disabled disadvantaged persons and you! My heart, mind and conscience are telling me we need TM and the Cons out and the party that is for the many and not just the few in.

  11. Oh get out of here. Tina is an amazing person. And she speaks the truth…. If May is condoning the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia, and putting her sticky beak into Syria then she is a terrorist. Tina … You go girl x

  12. It’s not Fake News, just propaganda and lies, just as we always get from #FascistTerroristMay. They are trying their best to control our thinking and win votes out of the deaths of children.

  13. prosecution??? Ha. PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE THIS! She has not breached any public laws with regards to the Public Order Act. She has freedom of expression enshrined under Art 10 ECHR which gives her a wide discretion to voice her views. Theresa May, as a politician is subject to greater criticism and open to wide public expression. This ‘lawyer’ has no reference or source so don’t be fooled! Voice your opinions! politicians are susceptible to great limits of criticism. Well done lady for speaking up. Ex member of the Royal Marine reserves, holding LLB Law degree- now voting Corbyn- seen the light and truth. Rampent and destructive British foreign policy. Arming Saudis, killing Yemeni civilians. Arming Israel, killing Palestinian children. Arming Libya, then overthrowing its government. Britain = a nation of duplicity, deception, lies and exploitation. I have faith only in those who see the truth. J

    • So proud of you for being brave enough to speak the absolute truth. Some in this country get fat off the backs of young men and women like yourself who are tricked into defending a system of empire, then dumped when they are no longer deemed useful. Disgusting elitist practices of lying and forcing the rest of whole world to give give give with nothing in return. So happy for you now you are free from that control system. Sending healing thoughts to combat all you have been put through.

  14. If they dare to charge this brave woman with anything, watch how her legal and court fees are crowdfunded into the hundreds of thousands, with accompanying media coverage. Tory scum would be shooting themselves in both feet if they tried it.

  15. Fake news put out by Tories trying to stop people showing their dislike for them. If you can’t con them, gag them…

  16. How about the Sun labelling Jeremy Corbyn has having blood on his hands and implying him as protecting the IRA?, seems to me that when it comes to freedom of speech different rules and understanding of this are being applied !!!!

  17. when we have a government as lidacris as this one, and Tony Blairs labour, are we surprised? After Mondays attack, we should all have the right to ask her why she sells arms to Saudi Arabia who arm these terrorists. Why we send men like that over to Libya to over throw Gaddafi (who warned us this would happen before we assassinated him) we sent that man over their he comes back and kills kids ffs. If we can’t impreach these people and their ethics and lust for greed, why don’t we all just kill ourself , because we ain’t got a pot to piss in with this lot.

  18. This lady isn’t allowed to express her opinion about Theresa May but it’s fine for The Sun and other Tory rags to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being an IRA sympathiser amongst other things and to manufacture false photographic evidence and circulate their lies to a wider audience ? Hmm…….

    • dont worry jean. This article is legally wrong. She is not liable to prosecution, no where near. Art 10 ECHR guarantees great freedoms of expression and she has not even come close to overstepping the limits of legitimate criticism and ‘hate crime’ or ‘inciting speech’. Ignore this article. Legally wrong. Jay. Law- LLB

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