What Trump Did To Sean Spicer On Trip Abroad Is “Cruel And Disgusting,” Says Harvard Law Professor

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It is no longer a secret that Sean Spicer is going to be relieved of his duties soon but the way Trump treated him on his trip abroad beggars belief. Even a Harvard Law Professor who is not by any chance a fan of Sean Spicer has been stunned by Trump’s comtempt and treatment of Spicer.

Trump’s trip abroad has seen him with his family and trip visit some countries in the Middle East and a few countries in Europe. This is a trip of a lifetime not only for Trump but also for everyone travelling with him and on this trip, it was Sean Spicer’s chance to meet with the Pope.

Sean Spicer is a staunch Catholic whom some in Washington have said wears his faith on his sleeves.

In a television interview during the transition, Spicer talked about his deep Catholic faith. “I’m going to look to God every day to give me the strength to do what’s right,” he said. “That’s all you can ask for is to get up and say, “Can I do this thing?” Help guide me and ask Him for strength.”

So this was really his chance to meet the Pope but Trump did not allow it. Trump cut him out of his delegation that went into the Vatican to meet the Pope. It is said some junior members of Trump’s team even went with Trump and met the Pope while Spicer only watched on TV like the rest of us.

Now a Harvard Professor of Law, Mr Lawrence Tribe has waded into the controversy and called out Trump on being so heartless and mean.

“I’m no Spicer fan but Trump’s petty refusal to include him, a devout Catholic, in the group meeting with the Pope was cruel and disgusting,” said Tribe on a post on Twitter.

In fact, other Twitter users joined in on the conversation and slammed Donald Trump, saying that even though the President seems to have no faith, he should respect people with faith and religion and avail them the opportunity to pray, meet with religious leaders and not just hinder them.

Inevitably, the conversation caught on on Facebook and even Sean Spicer’s adversaries appeared to have compassion for him.

“How you treat your loyal staff is a reflection of what you really are. It may have been Spicer’s only chance to ever meet the Pope and you just made sure you blocked it. What a malicious and cruel man!” wrote a disgruntled woman on a Facebook post.