What Trump Did To Sean Spicer On Trip Abroad Is “Cruel And Disgusting,” Says Harvard Law Professor

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It is no longer a secret that Sean Spicer is going to be relieved of his duties soon but the way Trump treated him on his trip abroad beggars belief. Even a Harvard Law Professor who is not by any chance a fan of Sean Spicer has been stunned by Trump’s comtempt and treatment of Spicer.

Trump’s trip abroad has seen him with his family and trip visit some countries in the Middle East and a few countries in Europe. This is a trip of a lifetime not only for Trump but also for everyone travelling with him and on this trip, it was Sean Spicer’s chance to meet with the Pope.

Sean Spicer is a staunch Catholic whom some in Washington have said wears his faith on his sleeves.

In a television interview during the transition, Spicer talked about his deep Catholic faith. “I’m going to look to God every day to give me the strength to do what’s right,” he said. “That’s all you can ask for is to get up and say, “Can I do this thing?” Help guide me and ask Him for strength.”

So this was really his chance to meet the Pope but Trump did not allow it. Trump cut him out of his delegation that went into the Vatican to meet the Pope. It is said some junior members of Trump’s team even went with Trump and met the Pope while Spicer only watched on TV like the rest of us.

Now a Harvard Professor of Law, Mr Lawrence Tribe has waded into the controversy and called out Trump on being so heartless and mean.

“I’m no Spicer fan but Trump’s petty refusal to include him, a devout Catholic, in the group meeting with the Pope was cruel and disgusting,” said Tribe on a post on Twitter.

In fact, other Twitter users joined in on the conversation and slammed Donald Trump, saying that even though the President seems to have no faith, he should respect people with faith and religion and avail them the opportunity to pray, meet with religious leaders and not just hinder them.

Inevitably, the conversation caught on on Facebook and even Sean Spicer’s adversaries appeared to have compassion for him.

“How you treat your loyal staff is a reflection of what you really are. It may have been Spicer’s only chance to ever meet the Pope and you just made sure you blocked it. What a malicious and cruel man!” wrote a disgruntled woman on a Facebook post.


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  3. The Orange Baboon is so far beyond deplorable and despicable that I can’t think of a word that is fitting. Mr Spicer, I have been angry with you since you started doing the “evil ones” work by lying to the American people and the world. I do hope that this last fiasco that he has bestowed on you will be a wake up call and you tender your resignation dated yesterday. I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet the Pope, but after working for that fool for month, you should have known how ignorant and ruthless he is. He likes NOTHING better than to hurt people, no matter who they are. I have no idea of your financial situation, however if you can make a trip to Rome to meet the Pope on your own, I would do so and request an audience with him, letting him know who you previously worked for because I, as well as most of America, knows that the Orange Baboon is not one of Pope Francis’ favorite people which may make your audience with him more likely. Best wishes for a new position.

  4. Give the guy a break. He took on a very tough job only to fin himself serving at the will of this president. I’m sure his first thought, on being offered the job, was excitiment. This was going to be his seat at the table. Instead, he finds himelf the increasingly reluctant mouthpiece of an increasingly childish and erratic boss. People take shots at Spicer — for trying to be good at his job. And his JOB is to tell us what he is told and to make us believe it. I am very sure he would do a much better job if the information he as given was true to begin with. The press is not there to hear about Spicer’s thoughts but the Pesident’s. Don’t shoot the messenger. I also don’t get the impression that Spicer is a particlarly wealthy man. He may need the job.

    Maybe. GoFundMe to get him a ticket back to Rome. Anybody got a way to contact the Vatical and see if that could be made to happen

  5. I don’t understand how anyone who has a conscience can even be associated with trump let alone work for him. This guy is such a good Catholic? Really? The way he himself has been behaving? I don’t know. Still trump had no right to do what he did but you have to remember this is trump we are dealing with; a very spoiled person who never grew up. I MUST ALWAYS be ALL about him. That explains why he dropped Spicer from meeting the Pope. He surely would have been in awe and that would not suit trump.

  6. I pray everyday that the actions of this person impersonating the servant of the people of the United States does not get us all killed because of his vile and evil heart. We saw how evil he is when he attempted to steal the soul of Sean Spicer.

    • Karen:
      Yes Trump is truly a bad person but Spicer knew who he was before he took his position and it’s not like he needs the job with all the millions he has so Trump stealing Spicer’s soul? What?!!

  7. Sean might be able to get a job with the Vatican. He should quit DT and find a place where he can be true to himself. I believe Pope Francis would totally understand and welcome Sean. He has seen for himself what a complete jerk DT is.

  8. What a horrible thing to do to a loyal employee who has tried to make him look good and make excuses for all the stupid stuff he spewed out of his racist mouth.
    Just like he did to Comey.
    Guess they’re lucky they didn’t get bumped off like several of the Russians!!

  9. Mr. Spicer,
    Yes it is regrettable that 45 did not be part of the delegation to see the Pope.
    Please see it more like an honnour then a disqualification, why? 45! does not tolerate anyone who can take the spotlight out of him, my guess: you would have had a better dialogue with the Pope then the one 45 has had and that is something 45 can not tolerate!

  10. If Sean Spicer hadsn’t figured out yet what a souless man trump is, he’ll never know. He has thrown family under the bus so why would he feel any lowalty to Sean. One more petty prank on trump’s part. He is despicable.

  11. Everyday trump shows us who he is by the things he does! When in the hell is everyone going to believe him??? He is a petty, jealous, egotistical, prick…..believe him folks! If he would do this to the loyal guy who has been deflecting “shit” for him since January…..what the hell do you think he would do to one of us “peasants”????

    • Oprah said it best..”When someone shows you WHO they are..BELIEVE THEM”
      Trump shows everyone, every day what a heartless, creep, ignoramus, he is. He is a disgrace to our democracy.

  12. Good Catholics don’t come out daily and spread lies. Now that he is to be replaced, he may return to the status of being a good Catholic. But as far as Drumpf no letting him met the Pope, it was due to sheer ignorance of Drumpf. How was Drumpf to know that he was Catholic and the Pope is Catholic? It’s all Obama’s fault!

  13. What a pathetic human being and I use human being loosely, 45 has no decency. I feel for Sean, he isn’t a bad guy and watching him in the morning briefing’s, you can just tell he isn’t comfortable. I wish he would find another position, this is wearing him out. 45 doesn’t deserve to have a man like that.

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