Trump Supporter Who Was Kicked Off Flight After Causing Unnecessary Chaos Says His “Make America Great Again” Hat Triggered The Backlash

A Trump supporter on a flight from Shanghai, China to New Jersey threw a tantrum and caused unnecessary chaos which led the pilot to make an unplanned stop at San Francisco International Airport where the unruly Trump supporter was ejected as other passengers who were already fed up with his drama chanted “Lock him up, Lock him up!” It is unknown if Police at San Francisco Airport actually locked him up but he was left at the airport and the plane took off without him to its final destination.

According to passengers on the flight, the man who was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat insulted other passengers, called a woman a lesbian and called another one “Hillary” indicating his dislike for Hillary Clinton.

The man has refused to apologise and claims that he thinks it’s the “Make America Great Again” hat that triggered all the chaos . “I think most of the passengers were fans of Hillary Clinton and have failed to get over the fact that she lost the election,” he said in an arrogant tone.

He claims he is exploring avenues of how he can sue United airlines and teach them a lesson. He blames the Airline.

A middle aged woman who was on the same flight said the man created the kind of chaos and drama that one can expect from a Trump campaign rally.

“After he was booted off the plane, we flew in peace all the way to New Jersey,” she said.


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