Republicans Will Be Wiped Out Of Congress And Trump Will Be IMPEACHED, Says Ann Coulter. Watch Video!!

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Ann Coulter, a big fan and admirer of President Trump and author of “In Trump We Trust” has made a prediction that will leave all Trump supporters in tears. She has predicted that Trump will be impeached and even further, she has predicted how it will all play out until the President is impeached.

She has predicted that before Trump is impeached, majority of Republicans will lose their seats in Congress and eventually Trump will be on his way out too.

Ann Coulter, a Republican firebrand and ultra right wing figure predicted that Trump would win the Presidential election and end up President and everyone laughed at her but everything played out just as she had predicted.

Ann Coulter has made radical speeches against immigrants and supports Trump’s Muslim ban and she is also fixated with Trump’s border wall project that has failed to take off.

She feels Trump is not radical enough and she feels he is soft and has failed to deliver on his tough radical promises made during his Presidential campaigns.