Picture Of American Man Demonstrating Against Russian Political Blackmail Is Going VIRAL And Trump Supporters Are Not Happy About It

An American man has become an overnight hero after gettting recognition for his political activism work which he started soon after the Trump-Russia scandal broke. He has demonstrated at key political landmarks and carried his placards to campaign rallies, and outside his town hall where passers by have had some key debates on the issues affecting American political life today.

Like many Americans, he is unhappy that Russia is determined to influence the US at Political and economic levels to the point where they will use any means possible be it blackmail or bribery.

He says Americans must wake up and not allow Russia to make decisions for us and even decide who to represent us at the executive level.

His photo is going viral on all social networks and he said the exposure will help him to do his work even more efficiently.

He has been threatened by Trump supporters but he says America has “enough jails to throw those hoodlums in and will not be intimidated.”

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