Evangelicals Now Claim Trump Has Experienced A “Religious Awakening” After Visit To Holy Sites In Jerusalem

Evangelicals are now claiming that Trump has experienced a “religious awakening” on his trip to the Holy Sites in Jerusalem and will come back to the U.S a totally changed man- spiritual, strong, empathetic and ready to take on the challenges that await him Washington.

James Edel, a member of the Dove Christian Outreach has claimed that evangelicals will continue to stand up for Trump and Pence and will continue to pray for them and to pray for America.

He said that Trump visiting the Holy sites in Jerusalem and having a moment of silence and prayer at the Western Wall was no coincidence and was simply a calling and a sign from God.

Trump has never been known to be religious or spiritual; rather, he has been known to be the direct opposite judging by his speech, vulgar language and his actions.

Many Americans were shocked and burst out laughing when they saw Trump appear at the Western Wall in a sombre mood and appear to be praying.

Trump has not spoken out about his religious experience and continues his trip .