“Brexit Newspapers” Slowly Distancing Themselves From Theresa May After Infamous Dementia Tax, Polls Show Her Campaign Is In Distress!!

After months of all mainstream newspapers and media houses praising Theresa May and giving her accolades of “The best Prime Minister in 50 years,” many are  slowly turning away from her and directly criticising her policies of scrapping school meals and especially newspapers have given strong criticism of her so called “Dementia tax”.

The polling data she has relied on for months has all but evaporated as new polls show that she is just at par with her main rival Jeremy Corbyn and swing voters could simply tilt the election either way.

Should the Liberal Democrats make a coalition with Labour then the chance of the Tories will be all but over.

Even without the coalition, undecided voters could swing the election towards a Labour Party victory after fears of the Conservative Party radical policies especially the “Dementia tax” and scrapping of school meals for children.

The newspapers that fiercely attacked Jeremy Corbyn and praised Theresa May are now making fair reporting as they encounter an enlightened electorate who are not being easily swayed by media propaganda.

Jeremy Corbyn continues to enjoy a surge in the polls and the victory could be his and Labour’s if they keep up the momentum.

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