Notre Dame Graduates Walked Out Of Mike Pence’s Commencement Speech!! Do You Support The Graduates? Yes Or No?

Vice President Mike Pence was left dumbfounded after graduates started streaming out of the assembly hall as he took to the stage to give a commencement speech.

In the commencement speech to the students who stayed behind, Pence praised President Trump and said that Trump was a good example to the American public.

Many graduates walked out in protest and this had already been expected. The University will not punish the graduates who walked out but some conservatives have attacked the graduates for their action saying they shouldn’t have walked out on pence as he made the speech as he had travelled all the way from Washington to be their for them.

Political analysts however say that walking out of Mike Pence’s commencement speech sends a strong message to Pence and Trump and there is no need for the graduates to apologise.

Now we ask the readers to tell us their opinions.

Do you support the graduates who walked out of the commencement speech? Yes or No?

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