Just A Few Days In The Middle East, Throw In A Golden Medallion And Trump Is A Defender Of Islam. Now His Supporters Are Angry And Crying Betrayal!!

Donald Trump has offended many of his American supporters on his trip to the Middle East as President and he will not get off this easily. “Islam is one of world’s great faiths,” he was quoted saying in the speech by several news outlets but this quote is yet to be verified.

Trump was elected by riding the wave of bigotry, inflamatory language and being “politically correct and unrepentant.” That is what majority of his supporters loved most about him- his lack of diplomatic sense or courtesy.

Back then, he was a candidate, now as President diplomacy is inevitable.

Trump has reportedly stopped short of praising Islam in his speech in Saudi Arabia and has been quoted by various sources as having said that “Islam is one of world’s great faiths.”

His speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia lacked his earlier beliefs of Islam being a bad religion. There was no mention of his travel bans, no mention of “Islamic terrorism” which was a popular terminology at his rallies.

His campaign website? All derogatory references to Islam were deleted from his campaign website ahead of his trip to Saudi Arabia. This trip has been an education of Trump if you will but now his loyal supporters are really angry.

They don’t understand his overnight change of opinion on Islam. They were hoping for Trump to continue his highly offensive language but have been disappointed. Some have even threatened to withdraw their support unless Trump can stay consistent.

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