Dementia Tax!!! Theresa May’s Plan To Make Elderly People Pay For Social Care In Their Homes Has Backfired !!!

It has been dubbed “Dementia Tax” and this could totally undo Theresa May’s election strategy . The Conservative Party’s plan tp make elderly people pay for social care in their own homes has left millions of Britons dumbstruck, shocked and in disbelief. Now, political experts say that just that policy is enough to break Theresa May at the next general unless she can heed to advice to scrap it.

“Dememtia tax” is properly laid out in the Conservative Party manifesto but many voters fear this will cause havoc to the lives of millions of elderly people in Britain.

Theresa May is now under pressure to scrap her controversial dementia tax as her grassroots campaigners report their have faced much criticism and even been outrightly told off by members of the public about the controversial idea.

Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary was quick to defend Theresa May and said,

“Whatever happens, people are going to be able to live in their own home. They will have that anxiety taken away and they will be able to pass on a minimum of £100,000 to their kids.”

“I do understand people’s reservations and the questions people are asking about some of the detail of this, but the broad thrust is right, and as the PM has said there will be a consultation on getting it right.”

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