Trump Supporters Celebrate After He’s Awarded Top Civilian Honour In Saudi Arabia, Say He’s Got Even with Obama Winning Nobel Prize And JFK Profile In Courage

Trump supporters gathered in bars across the United states to celebrate Trump’s top civilian award in Saudi Arabia. In New York, Trump supporters gathered especially at Joe’s Bar, a popular watering hole for Conservative types and watched a live stream on the internet of Trump and his entourage in Saudi Arabia and then as Trump was awarded the award and gold pendant drapped around his neck, bottles of champagne were popped and loud cheers were heard even from across the street.

Trump supporters now claim that Trump equally accomplished the same level of honours as former President Barack Obama and have claimed that the Civilian award given to him by Saudi Arabia is the equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama won.

Trump has been warmly received in Saudi Arabia and for now he may take his mind off things back in Washington.