“If I Lose Just SIX Seats Corbyn Will Win,” Theresa May Makes Desperate Plea As Polls Show Labour Is Closing The Gap

Theresa May wrote a desperate plea calling for voters to stand behind her, pointing out that it would take Jeremy Corbyn to win just six seats and her position in power will be totally compromised.

“If i lose just six seats Corbyn will win,” she wrote then immediately went on to aggressively attack Jeremy Corbyn saying that he was not fit to lead but not making any solid argument to back up her claims.

She also went on to claim that she is the best person to negotiate Brexit with the European Union and that Jeremy Corbyn would not be able to get a good Brexit deal for Britain.

Her post appeared on Daily mail where Daily Mail readers and columnists praised her and offered her their unwavering support.

The conservative party is all behind her but they are wary of the very varying polls that indicate that Corbyn could easily win the election or that tactical voting between Labour and the Liberal Democrats could shatter the Tory dreams.

Theresa May insists she is the only person qualified to negotiate and deliver Brexit.