Lawrence O’Donnell In Talks To Have His Contract Extended After Massive Support From His Fans, Experts Say He Will Tone Down His Criticism Of Trump

Lawrence O’Donnell is a lucky man. After much out pouring of support and love from his fans, we can report that Lawrence O’Donnell is now in talks to extend his contract which was due to end in the first week of June. The talks are positive and O’Donnell will be extremely happy to return to his job at MSNBC but above all, he will be grateful for the outpouring of support he has received.

Political experts say that Lawrence O’Donnell’s troubles will go away if he can tone down his criticism of Trump.

He has been well known in Media circles as a strong critic of Trump’s policies and he has predicted that Trump’s Presidency will likely be over in 18 months.

His job was in jeopardy and many were speculating that MSNBC would not renew his contract.

Many of his supporters have sent emails to MSNBC  and thousands signed a petition asking MSNBC to renew his contract.

MSNBC has not yet responded to our email enquiry.