Jeffrey Lord Will Defend Trump Even If He Takes A Dump On His Desk In The White House Oval Office, Watch Unbelievable Video!!!!

CNN Political expert Jeffrey Lord has left millions of Americans dumbfounded by his fanatical support of Donald Trump no matter what the President does or says. He says he will defend Trump no matter what he says, no matter what controversy arises, no matter what scandal, but also has taken it to a whole different level when the worst has now been comfirmed!!

Would Jeffrey Lord defend Trump if he took a dump on his desk in the White House?? Watch the video below to find out. You may be surprised.

All this was revealed when Jeffrey Lord was interviewed on CNN about Trump’s meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and the kind of language he used to describe ex FBI director James Comey. At the meeting with the Russians, Trump described former FBI director Comey as a “real nut job”, and now Jeffrey Lord has defended Trump saying that he is happy with that kind of language and the President should say anything he wants to say. Watch video.