I Want The E.U To Be Destroyed And I Don’t Care If God Or The Dalai Lama Approve Or Not, Says Nigel Farage In Angry Rant

Image: REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

UKIP’s self styled “statesman” Nigel Farage angrily lashed out at a German journalist during an interview that nearly ended disastrously as Nigel Farage literally lost it, yelled at the interviewer, insulted him and then walked out midway through the interview.

The interview with German newspaper journalist Steffen Dobert started calmly and Nigel Farage went to boast of his “success in helping Britain gain independence” and then added that, and we quote, ” I want the European Union to be destroyed and it doesn’t matter if God or the Dalai Lama approve or not.”

He also boasted, and we quote” Brexit is the best thing to happen for Russia, for America, for Germany and for democracy.”

It’s only when the interviewer questioned him about his links to wikileaks and informed him of Wikileaks’ link to Russia and of Putin’s desire to see a Europe destroyed and weakened that Nigel Farage started to lose it.

Nigel farage then denied that Julian Assange or Wikileaks were being used and manipulated by Russia and at that point he started to go astray and rant at the journalist.

Halfway through the interview, Nigel Farage said he didn’t like the journalist’s line of questioning, stood up and insulted the interviewer .

“I think you are a nut case. You are really a nutcase.” he said and then walked out.

The full interview is available at Zeit Online.