This Picture Is Trending Right Now And We Need You To Help Us Identify What It Represents. Comment And SHARE!!!

The picture above is trending on social media and has already been shared thousands of times on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms. It seems to strike a nerve among many people but also cheer up and cause a luagh among hundreds of thousands.

Different people are interpreting it differently. Some say it is just ham and a banana arranged nicely but others say that no, it represents alot more than just ham and bananas.

So this is a chance for everyone to tell us what they think of this picture and how they interpret it or what it represents for them.

Please comment and share this post and let us keep it going viral. You are all encouraged to comment on Facebook but also note that it is important that you leave comments on our website where we shall release the final results.

This should be really interesting.

Image Credit: Instagram.