Trump Told The Russians That Comey Is A Real Nut Job, But Who Really Is The Nut Job? Trump or Comey? Comment And SHARE!!!!!

US President Donald Trump told Russian officials that firing FBI director James Comey eased “great pressure” on him, US media report.

Citing a document summarising the meeting in the Oval Office last week, the New York Times said Mr Trump called Mr Comey a “real nut job”.

Mr Comey had been running an inquiry into possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s election campaign.

The White House has not disputed the language used. Trump continues to offensive language against people he disagrees with but telling his Russian visitors in the White House that former FBI director James Comey is “a real nut job” has caused shock and consternation all over the United States. There was no reason to insult the former FBI director and definitely no point in discussing Comey with the Russians.

Many Americans have written on Twitter to explain that actually Trump is the real nut job because of how he behaves and because of the highly offensive language he chooses to use.

Now the real question (and this is an opportunity for the readers to choose sides) is who among the two is the real nut job? Trump or Comey?

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