Tim Farron Sees A Surge In Poll Ratings As He Makes A Pledge To Legalise Marijuana

Political pundits and pollstars have been left baffled after a sudden surge of ratings for Liberal Democrats candidate Tim Farron after he made a pledge to legalise marijuana.

Polls indicate that millions of marijuana users in Britain are now seriously considering to vote for Tim Farron as they hope that his pledge would help them embrace marijuana even more without having to hide as it is currently classed as an illegal drug. Growing it and consuming it in heavy volumes can easily land one in jail or earn them a criminal record.

The surge in polls and sudden interest in Tim Farron has caused much concern to the Conservative Party as this means that Theresa May could fail to win by a majority and hence throw the election into a hung Parliament which would lead to a coalition.

Also the biggest fear of the Conservatives is if Liberal Democrats and Labour Party work together and make a strategy of tactical voting or even work on a plan for the Lib Dems and Labour to have a Coalition together.

James Carrigan, a senior member of the British Marijuana Society said that members of his society will all be voting for Tim Farron and that they have already sent out hundreds of thousands of emails to other marijuana groups asking them to join hands with them and vote for Lib Dems.

It is currently unknown if Tim Farron personally smokes marijuana or is just a sympathiser of marijuana users.