Trump’s Personal Lawyer Tweets Picture Of His Daughter In Sexy Underwear To Celebrate “Women’s Rights”, Gets Immediate Backlash, Branded A Creepy Weirdo And Asked To Delete It

Trump’s top lawyer and long time friend Michael Cohen has faced backlash on the internet and been branded “creepy and a weirdo” on Twitter after posting a picture of his 21 year old daughter dressed in sexy lingerie.

Now all Twitter users have branded him “Mister Creepypants” and have demanded that he delete the picture as it is in poor taste even derogatory for a man to post a picture of his daughter in sexy underwear.

Michael Cohen has refused to delete the picture and says it’s a celebration of women’s rights and also a celebration of “beauty and brains” since his daughter is studying at an Ivy League school.

The backlash he received on Twitter has been so much that he even lashed out and called one Twitter user an “arse hole” after he criticised him.

The Republicans and Trump administration always preaches family values, conservative values so this will be quite a shocker for many. Michael Cohen’s wife has not spoken out to defend about the sexy picture that her husband posted on Twitter.

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