Theresa May Will Not Allow A Television Debate With Corbyn, Says Debates Are An Inconvenience To Voters

Theresa May has rejected all requests for a Political debate ahead of the general election and now says that a TV debate would be so unnecessary and a burden to the voters.

Speaking on a Facebook Live event, Theresa May said that the voters prefer to hear directly from the candidate on a one to one call for instance on Facebook Live but not on Television Debates.

Political experts say that by refusing a Television debate against Corbyn, she’s maintaining an uper hand in the elections as a TV debate could tilt the election in favour of the calm, eloquent and well spoken Corbyn whose political plans and proposals could immediately endear him to the undecided voters or the Tory voters who feel disenfranchised by the ultra right wing Theresa May government.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to scrap University Tuition fees like other European countries , wants more cooperation with the European Union, wants to scrap the NHS hospital parking charges, wants a fair taxation system where the wealthy pay a fair share but all these plans will fail to be known to the majority of the voters as most of the press is pro Theresa May and the only chance of such issues being highlighted to the masses is through a TV debate.