Trump’s Latest Tweet Has Just SHOCKED America. This Could Just Mean The End Of The Press, Literally!

Trump has just intensified his attacks on the U.S media, branding a vast majority of newspapers, TV Stations, Online news portals, and news wire services as FAKE NEWS.

The final humiliation for the U.S media was when he hosted the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Kislyak at the White House. The U.S media was locked out of the meeting at the White House and had to rely on the Russian news outlets and the Russian embassy messaging board to get any information and images coming out of the meeting. This has really left them unhappy that the U.S Media may have to rely on the Russian Media to know what is happening.

The latest tweet however shows that Trump could just do away with the media, as if they don’t have enough trouble already.


A source close to Trump’s inner circle says that trump is totally fed up with what he calls “fake news”.