Theresa May: Her Signature Dish Is Slow Roast Lamb And She’d “Whip It Up For President Trump” If She Hosted Him

UK Prime Minister and Iron Lady Theresa May has opened up about her cooking skills and revealed her recipes and favourite meals that she enjoyed to cook. She said her signature dish is a slow roast shoulder of lamb and that she would whip it up for President Trump if she ever needed to host him personally.

“It needs to be really slow so it just falls off the bone,” she said.

During the interview on LBC with Nick Ferrarri, Theresa May also opened up about the heartache of not being able to have children and the loss of her parents at a relatively younger age, in her 20s.

she said it is her faith that has made her stronger despite the hardships. In a quite jovial interview that was more about her life besides politics, she still manage to sned some barbs towards Jeremy Corbyn, saying he is out of touch and has no proper vision for the country.