Trump Will Never Get Over The Fact He Lost The Popular Vote By Over Two Million Votes. It Will Always Haunt Him, Says Award Winning Psychologist

Trump will never get over the fact that he lost the popular vote by over two million votes. It will always haunt him and hang over his entire political career but also more importantly, he enters the history books as the first President to lose by such a margin. It’s a bad mark on his legacy, says an award winning psychologist who has studied Trump’s psychological profile from the first day Trump announced he was running for office.

“It will be hard on him, he will doubt himself, he will always wonder why he lost two million votes and still became President. It will generally affect his overall confidence and that is why he appears so defensive and outright rude if someone mentions the 2016 elections,” said Abraham Winters PhD.

Writing in an online Psychology journal, Mr Winters said anyone who wants to ruin Trump’s weekend would just have to tweet about the 2016 popular vote on a Friday afternoon and Trump’s weekend would be ruined. “He may play a round of golf or two but still he’d be in a fiery mood all weekend. It’s hard and it has affected his over all confidence,” he wrote.

“If it had been turned around and Trump had won the popular vote by two million votes and lost the President, he’d have rejected the results and demanded a rerun. We wouldn’t have had the end of it,” Mr Winters wrote before adding that it is only America where such a thing can happen.

“No other country on earth can you lose the popular vote by two million votes and still be President. All Americans have to rethink what democracy is. What free and fair elections mean.”