Jeremy Corbyn To Scrap Hospital Parking Charges, His Approval Rating Shoots To 60%, Pundits Say Tories To Start Ugly Campaign And Mud Slinging Against Him

Polls show that Jeremy Corbyn is in a good position for the June 8th elections despite having many establishmnet newspapers and media outlets giving him negative coverage. The same poll gives Tony Blair who is making a political comeback an approval rating of 29%. More people trust Jeremy Corbyn than Tony Blair.

In a popular move and proof that Jeremy Corbyn thinks about families, he has pledged to scrap parking charges at all UK hospitals, a kind gesture to families who have suffered with exhorbitant parking charges while tending to their sick in hospitals or even dropping off patients or visiting their physicians.

This move has left many wondering why no politician had thought of the menace of parking charges inflicted on families at every hospital.

Political experts say his new polls were expected and also to be expected will be much mudslinging and dirty tricks from the Tory backing newspapers that have been providing questionable polls in the past few weeks.

A professor from City University rubbished the Daily Mail polls that claimed Theresa May was the most popular Prime Minister in half a century saying, “See what happened with the Clinton polls and the Trump polls. It turned out to be the direct opposite.”