Daily Mail’s Katie Hopkins To Leave The Country For Good If Labour Wins! Who Will Miss Her?

Daily Mail’s top columnist Katie Hopkins has said she will leave Britain for good if Labour wins the next general election in June. Writing in her column in the right wing Daily Mail, she has continued to blame the immigrants, foreigners and Muslims for the “poor economic situation” in the country and then claimed that the situation will get worse under a Labour Government.

She then heaped praise on UKIP’s Nigel Farage for his fight against Muslims and immigrants and went on to say how she was a “very big fan” of US President Donald Trump and how she totally supports Trump’s now infamous Muslim ban.

She has claimed that only Theresa May has the right vision for this country and that if Labour wins, she will be on the next flight out of Britain.

She also called for the closure of Mosques and Muslim schools in Britain and then blamed Muslims for the rise of crime in Sweden.

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