Many Britons Said Theresa May Looked DAFT Eating Chips. Caption This And SHARE It Forward

A photo of Theresa May eating chips caused unbelievable social media reactions. In what was supposed to be PR move, it ended up as a comedy of errors.

Many joked that probably she need a knife and fork to eat chips, or she needed a butler to bring her fine China.

The reactions on the internet have been hilarious, not to mention the photoshopped images where a fag was added to the picture.

There’s also an “Eat Chips like Theresa May competition” going on right now and pictures will be hitting social media in a matter of time.

Please Caption this, have some fun and laughter and then SHARE it forward.


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  2. Come on police ! She accepted free chips from a stranger and I guess she’s a squatter at no 10 as parliament has been dissolved so she is a homeless person. Arrest her !!!

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