This Picture Of Theresa May Being Escorted By Police Is Going Viral. Give It A Caption And SHARE It Forward !

Election time can be stressful and frustrating. And getting egged on by political radicals can easily drive one crazy. That’s why sometimes we need a little bit of fun and laughter.

After all this is a start of the weekend and we need to let loose, enjoy ourselves and hope we can get the best results in this election. Enough is enough, we have been squeezed so much but now is our chance to make things get better.

The power is in our hands. Let us all vote wisely and get the best results so that when we look back years from now we know that we made the right choice.

But today let us have a bit of fun with a photo that is going viral. Please give a caption and SHARE it forward so others can have a bit of fun and laughter.

Please let us have abit of fun with this and share it all over the internet so we can share the laughter this weekend.

You can get playful, naughty and preferably outright funny but please refrain from violent or abusive captions.