Republicans Party, Rejoice, Laugh After Repealing The Affordable Health Care Act. Millions Will Lose Medical Cover. What Would You Say To These Men?

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24 million Americans will immediately lose Medical cover and immediately become vulnerable. It will “save $1 trillion dollars in tax reductions, these savings will go to the pockets of wealthy Americans instead of going into a general pot for all Americans. For the very rich, this is a very good deal and a good moment for them as their insurance premiums will be reduced at the expense of the not wealthy. It is complex and only people willing to study this will understand the false promise of this new Republican alternative to Obamacare.

The cost of pregnancy will go high by a big percentage, getting cover with pre-exisiting conditions will be more expensive as opposed to Obamacare where the pre-existing clause was clear cut and explicitly maintained that Americans will not be punished financially for having a pre-existing condition.

Trump and his inner circle have thrown a party at the White House to celebrate repealing Obama’s Affordable Health Care.

Insurance Companies will no doubt be throwing parties to celebrate this because they are going to benefit alot. They can hike medical cover premiums. The only credit we can give Trump is his willingness to fight the Pharmaceutical industry to lower drug prices, and he hasn’t won this yet so even this credit is premature.

Trump’s repealing of Obamacare is just a political shot at his predecessor but will not benefit Americans on the whole.

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