Is Theresa May Britain’s Angela Merkel? Yes Or No?? Give Honest Answer

Image credit and screengrab: Financial Times

Tough lady Theresa May seems to have won the hearts of British newspapers. The Sun, the Telegraph, The Express, Daily Mail, Daily Star and many others seem to love and admire her so much and they trust her to negotiate and deliver Brexit for the people.

Infact some people on social media have suggested that even the BBC is pro Theresa May and Pro Brexit but the BBC have always insisted that they are impartial and nuetral so probably it is unfair to say they are pro- Brexit. There is a big argument about that. But the fact is majority of the British media loves and adores Theresa May and this can be seen from the news headlines of the past few weeks and the questionable polls in which the newspapers claimed that “Theresa May is the Most Popular Prime Minister in 50 Years”.

Now Theresa May is being labeled as Britain’s Angela Merkel. Angea Merkel has steered Germany to a position of envy in the world. She has continued the industrious tradition of Germany, overseen their ever growing economy and right now Germany is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the European Continent. Germany’s GDP is much larger than Britain’s and their economy is among the most stable in the World.

So let us examine the comparison between Theresa May and Angela Merkel.

Is Theresa May Britain’s Angela Merkel? Yes or N0???