Is Theresa May Britain’s Angela Merkel? Yes Or No?? Give Honest Answer

Image credit and screengrab: Financial Times

Tough lady Theresa May seems to have won the hearts of British newspapers. The Sun, the Telegraph, The Express, Daily Mail, Daily Star and many others seem to love and admire her so much and they trust her to negotiate and deliver Brexit for the people.

Infact some people on social media have suggested that even the BBC is pro Theresa May and Pro Brexit but the BBC have always insisted that they are impartial and nuetral so probably it is unfair to say they are pro- Brexit. There is a big argument about that. But the fact is majority of the British media loves and adores Theresa May and this can be seen from the news headlines of the past few weeks and the questionable polls in which the newspapers claimed that “Theresa May is the Most Popular Prime Minister in 50 Years”.

Now Theresa May is being labeled as Britain’s Angela Merkel. Angea Merkel has steered Germany to a position of envy in the world. She has continued the industrious tradition of Germany, overseen their ever growing economy and right now Germany is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the European Continent. Germany’s GDP is much larger than Britain’s and their economy is among the most stable in the World.

So let us examine the comparison between Theresa May and Angela Merkel.

Is Theresa May Britain’s Angela Merkel? Yes or N0???


  1. The comparison doesn’t bare thinking !May is
    unstable,hollow ,weak and totally wrapped in herself!
    Merkel is a woman of vision, strong ,very intelligent and with a deep sense of duty toward her country and its people ! She is also very knownledgeable in all
    Political and economic problems!
    She is a strong and determined woman but not
    overbearing like May ! And certainly nothing as narcissistic and overbearing as her !
    The U.K. Could have done with a Merkel !
    It’s wouldn’t be in the mess it is now !!!

  2. Most certainly not. Angela Merkel wants to bind Germany together for the benefit of all citizens. May’s brand of politics is based on division, marginalisation and persecution. May is not anywhere near Merkel’s calibre.

  3. Nope…Not in the same league intellectually or morally….In fact she lacks any morality. Corbyn much safer hands.

  4. No Jeremy Corbyn has the experience, the moral fibre, the vision, the guts and the negotiating skills and the stamina to stand up for the UK. Theresa May only knows how to behave like a bully.

  5. No – Angela Merkel is a very STRONG character and very STABLE.. to compare her to someone who can’t even get in the ring and debate her issues is just wrong.

  6. No, whether you like her or not, Merkel does at least appear to be competent, unlike weak and wobbly May.

  7. DisMay is as strong and stable as a stranded fish, flip flopping all over the place. No way close to Merkel, who will roll over her like a garden roller.

  8. Angela Merkel is a highly educated, pragmatic, reliable politician, vastly respected around the globe . Angela Merkel has ethical standards and puts human rights above party politics. The British Tory party of today seems to have a degree of contempt for ordinary citizens (more and more hard working people relying on food banks, the rise of 0-hour-contracts and minimum wages, NHS on the brink of collapse …) whilst Theresa May is continuing the new Tory style of shaming people who are poor (or should I say made poor by tax legislation that greatly benefits the corporate world but leaves very little to the majority of people).
    Theresa May seems to have no vision for a progressive, green United Kingdom (using clean energies, working with new technologies, adapting to future ways of educating, working and thinking), no clue about the purpose of the European Union and how it works, no clue how to have constructive and successful negotiations and very ready to gamble away Britain’s future just to please one side of her political party and their donors.

  9. Absolutely not. Theresa May is not even one tenth of the politician Angela Merkel has proven to be. May is too scared to debate with Corbyn on live TV, or even to have an audience with anyone other than hand picked supporters. She has been floundering g around since she became an unelected Prime Minister, and the fact she appointed the idiot Johnson as Foreign Secretary should tell anyone all they need to know about her level of intellect. She accuses Corbyn of being wishy washy, but she’s the one who dare not face the public….She has to go…

  10. Seriously Angela Merkel wouldn’t employ Theresa May as a secretary and rightly so.

    Theresa May is not in the same league as Angela Merkel, hell she’s not even playing the same sport.

  11. Not in the least. Merkel is confident and would never put her country in the mess that May has done in the last 11 months. Merkel is a true Leader.

  12. No. No way is May comparable to Merkel, not in terms of intellect, integrity and leadership. Merkel has been at ease in the ruling seat because she knows where she is going. Theresa May is floundering. She i hope does not go anywhere near the Brexit negotiations, but then who else is there in the Tory Party. It is a sad business.

  13. Definitely NOT! May is not even in the same ballpark of ability or personal and political integrity as Angela Merkel !!!

  14. No. She’s a laughing stock. Those rags of newspapers only ‘love’ her out of self-preservation as they know they can walk all over her while Corbyn would shut them down for their criminal activities. She’s a bad joke that’s been repeated endlessly.

  15. No. Merkel does not have plans to profitized every last thing. Germany is pro-union and pro-living wage. Companies pay tax, healthcare is funded and/or regulated, education is public and top rate. Not even close.

  16. No Angela Merkel is a competent politician and a respected stateswoman around the world. Mayhem is like a school headmistress with an over inflated opinion of herself. She wishes she was our Angela Merkel.

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