Did Trump Bluff His Way Through High School And University? Experts Say He Appears To Be “Clueless And Half Baked”

Recent events and statements have left many Americans in shock and wondering if their President is as well educated as he claims or with a “very high I.Q” as he keeps reminding the American people. Now, American academics agree on one thing- Trump is just barely literate. He can hardly send a tweet without a grammatical or spelling error even when his smartphone has an auto-correct function and spell checker.

Trump attended America’s top schools, studying at Fordham University and at the Ivy League University Of Pennysylvania. A retired American Professor however says that Trump appears to be “clueless and half baked.”

Academics have been poring over his tweets and are shocked by the bad grammar and bad spelling. But what has woken America up was Donald Trump’s claim about former US President Andrew Jackson.

Trump in an interview claimed that Andrew Jackson was so unhappy with the civil and had asked why it wasn’t worked out and why the civil hadn’t been stopped from happening. Well all that is good rhetoric until reality sets in that President Andrew Jackson died 16 years before the civil war.

In an unrelated development, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently shocked the nation when he revealed to the nation that he didn’t know that Hawaii was part of the United States. He thought it was just an island in the Pacific.

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