The TRUMPS And The OBAMAS : Who Is The Better Role Model For Stability And Family Values? Give Honest Answer!!!

President Trump claims to be the symbol and emblem and role model of all American men and says his family is a reflection of what  true American family values should be with a lot of love, faith, honesty and integrity.

But many online polls have instead said that Obama’s family is a better reflection of family values and if every American family strives to live by Obama’s example then most families will be more happy and fulfilled.

Trump’s supporters however have insisted that Trump has much more integrity and that the Trump family represent the best American family values.

Barack Obama has been married to Michelle for probably 20 years and did not get involved in any affairs or sordid behaviour . The couple have two children and they all live together as a family and Michelle lived in the White House with her husband for all of eight years.

Trump has been married 3 times and been through several divorces and currently he and his wife Melania live separately. Trump lives in the White House in Washington while his wife Melania lives in New York at Trump tower.

Some Christian leaders have said that the real importance of marriage is so a man and woman can live under the same roof as husband and wife and fulfil their marital obligations to one another and support each other.

So now we give the esteemed readers an opportunity to take part in this Q and A and give their answers and opinions so we can get the real opinions and answers.

Who is the better role model for family values and stabilty? The Trumps or the Obamas????