BREXIT: If You Ask For A Blank Cheque, Don’t Be Surprised If It Later Bounces, George Osborne Fires Warning Shots At Theresa May As He Debuts At Evening Standard

Image credit: AFP/Getty

George Osborne is back! And on his debut as editor of the Evening Standard, he has taken direct shots at Theresa May and the Brexiteers , overseeing today’s editorial that mocked Theresa May’s “Strong and stable leadership”.

“There’s nothing wrong with repeating election campaign slogans, the problem comes when the election campaign amounts to no more than a slogan. If you ask for a blank cheque, don’t be surprised if later it bounces,” says today’s editorial.

“The negotiations over Brexit have only just started and already we see how unrealistic were the claims made about the strength of Britain’s hand- as the account of the Prime Minister’s dinner with Jean- Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, published in Germany reveals.

Reports in German newspapers and in Brussels have revealed how Theresa May’s dinner with the E.U President at Downing Street ended almost disastrously and the EU President left ” ten times more sceptical than he had arrived”.

Reports say the E.U President was shocked by the Prime Minister’s hardline demands and told his colleagues back in EU that Theresa May was “deluded” and that the Pro Brexit British Government was living in “a different galaxy”.

Else where, media reports now suggest that last weeks polls that claimed Theresa May was the most popular Prime Minister in fifty years could be “innacurate” and that the tories have lost ten points in the polls.