ZERO!! This Is How Much Money Trump Will Get From Mexico For His Border Wall! The Mexican Billionaires have Spoken Again

The American tax payers must now prepare to pay for Trump’s border wall. The cost of this wall is expected to be anywhere from US $22 billion to US$66 billion but an expert has spoken from Washington and said he can bet a million dollars that even after the American tax payers cough up US$ 66 for the wall, it will end up a White elephant project, swallowing up billions of tax payer dollars and then after five or ten years, the wall itself will be chocked up by Washington red tape, political opposition and eventually it will tumble down. “It may end up as Trump’s legacy.”

Meanwhile Mexican billionaires have said that in talks with the Mexican government, they have reaffirmed their position that Mexico will not pay a penny for the wall, and that if Trump wants a trade war with Mexico then so be it.

“The world is a big place, we can trade with nicer and friendlier people around the globe,” J.L. Jorge said before tweeting a picture of former Mexican President Vicente Fox giving Trump the finger salute.

Trump already knows that his promise on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for the wall was just pointless rhetoric and now he will be pushing congress to cough up billions of dollars for the wall.