President Trump Likely Planning To Sue The UNITED NATIONS In What Will Be The Most Idiotic Case Of The Century!!

This will be the most idiotic case ever heard in courts of law and one has to understand the background of Trump’s conflict with the United Nations to understand why this case makes no sense and if Trump goes ahead and sues the U.N then he will not only bring shame to his administration but also to the whole of the United States. This is a case that will shock America should Trump push further with it.

The conflict betwwwn the United Nations and Trump centres around one issue- Healthcare.

Trump wants to repeal Obama Care, an action that will leave millions of Americans vulnerable and with no healthcare but at the same time he has no plan or strategy for what will replace Obama care.

The United Nations has written to Trump clearing making a direct intervention and explaining to Trump that he can not just simply repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) because of politics and deprive 30 million people of their right to health care.

The UN made it clear to Trump that he can not repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act unless he can provide a better alternative and guarantee that millions of Americans will not lose their health coverage and access to healthcare.

Trump takes all criticism of his policies personally and now Washington insiders say he will try to undermine the U.N and most likely sue the U.N. If he goes ahead and sues the United Nations, this will be the most idiotic case ever heard. Already, he’s planning to sue all major newspapers and major news outlets in the U.S but suing the United Nations will surely turn Trump into a laughing stock.