I Would Be Honoured To Meet With Kim Jong Un, Says Trump As America Seeks Diplomacy With North Korea

Trump is now ready to meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un to amicably and diplomatically resolve the situation that was nearly going out of hand.

Speaking to Bloomberg News, President Trump said ,”If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him I would absolutely, I would be honoured to do it. Under the right circumstances I would meet with him.”

He added: “Most political people would never say that, but I’m telling you under the right circumstances I would meet with him.”

This is a surprising change in rhetoric as Trump and his adminstration have been aggressively pushing for a hardline and militaristic approach towards North Korea and Trump has sent nuclear powered war ships to the Korean peninsular in a show of military force which did not deter the North Korean leader.

North Korea has built up an arsenal of nuclear powered missiles and said they will not hesitate to defend themselves if the U.S military made an assault on their nation.

Trump has been advised by China , Japan and even the pope  to seek restrain with North Korea as they all sensed that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was willing and ready to use his nuclear weapons if given an excuse to use them.

Trump now is seeking diplomacy with North Korea and will personally be willing to meet Kim Jong Un.

However, it is unknown if Kim Jong Un even has any interesting in meeting with Trump or any interest in diplomatic ties with the U.S.



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