Live Poll: UK Newspapers Claim Theresa May Is The Most Popular Prime Minister In 50 Years! Yes Or No???

UK newspapers are out to fully support Theresa May just like they all stood behind her during Brexit. Last week saw the Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Express, Daily Star and The Metro, among others start to slowly push the mesage into the public that Theresa May was extremely popular and will win the next general election by a very big percentage. One newspaper claimed that Theresa May will win the next general election by 80%.

The Daily Telegraph claimed that Theresa May was the most popular and best Prime Minister in the last forty to fifty years which led to huge admiration from members of the Conservative Government and UKIP supporters.

However, some Britons said the Daily Telegraph was just pushing propaganda and indeed some commentators online immediately labeled the Telegraph as the “Torygraph” which caused much laughter and jokes.

The Metro newspaper also claimed that Theresa May was the most popular prime Minister in forty years and splashed it on their front page.

However, Political experts say that is not factual reporting but instead pure propaganda. Some have even speculated that these stories were paid for as “advertorials” though that claim hasn’t been proven.

Now is the chance to have an online poll that is free of propaganda or “advertorials”. We require our readers to simply answer the question on Facebook but also on this website so we can easily compile the results in the poll and then we will publish the results online.

Is Theresa May the best and most popular Prime Minister in fifty years? YES or NO??


  1. She is the worst Prime Minister we have ever had. Is she human? NASA reportedly says there actually ARE aliens……just wondering.

  2. No
    Metro is owned by the Daily Mail group which together with the Torygraph, the Sun and the Daily Express is so afraid of Jeremy Corbyn that they constantly prostitute their ‘news’papers to produce biased reports

  3. its called propaganda + manipulation – saying the same all over with Peter Lilly + IDOX electoral commission ofcourse they will do better via RIGGING
    NO NO NO the tories are a disease + are stripping the country

  4. No she and her cronies are money sucking leaches like Robin Hood in reverse. Criminal how they are keeping us poor while filling their own bank accounts. Disgusting woman.

  5. absolutely the worst! No social skills, can’t deal with questions, doesn’t understand her brief and incapable of communication. Woman’s a walking disaster & will create a terrible mess

    No, no, no and I say again NO

    • Not at all, she is presiding over the not-so-stealthy privatisation of the NHS the genocide of the disabled and the destruction of the economy, this Government has borrowed more than all the Labour governments combined. She is a liability, the only people who love her are her billionaire donors, who own the newspapers in question.

  6. NO! Absolutely not. There have been a few better. Even as a lifelong Labour voter I will still say John Major, David Cameron and Thatcher were better than May. William Hague would have been MUCH better if he had won when he was leader of the Conservatives as well.

  7. NO NO NO. Teresa Weird… she is not “Stable and Secure” either, she’s extremely arrogant, avoids real public debate and proper scrutiny… she is a disaster for the working majority of the UK.

  8. No No No.
    She thinks there are “Many complex reasons why people use food banks” Err only one very important reason is they can’t afford to buy food”. She is definitely in La La land. Weak and Woolly.

    • Definitely not. The bigh lie is that she represents the people, the jam’s etc. she is a cheat and liar.!

  9. Oh, please; don’t make me laugh!!!!
    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,
    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO….
    I could continue ad infinitum, but I’m sure you get the jist! The woman is an embarrassment and a liability who can barely string a spontaneous, coherent, meaningful sentence together!!! Only got to be leader ‘cos she bailed out the party paedophiles by losing “the files”! She is an absolute DISGRACE.

  10. This is May Day not April Fools Day, most hated after Thatcher it’s supposed to say, but May might win that crown. We need to send out a “May Day” an SOS Save Our Services. The PM who says her party are the only ones who can deliver, yet they’ve failed to deliver anything except cuts, u-turns, and increased national debt over 7 years. Can the UK voters be duped again and face 5 more years of cuts.

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  11. Could this load of old hogwash have anything to do with new polls showing the Tory lead over Labour collapsing? Yes, they still have a healthy lead, but the 19 and 20 leads have been halved. The wind starting to get up the right wing press, that possibly people are waking up to the fact the Tories, going on a track record of abject failure in every dept, are utterly useless and a danger to the country?

  12. No, not with the liberal elite or in fact
    with anyone who knows about economics, a cohesive society, respect for the views of the true majority, history, climate change, security, public services, national health service provision, empowering the youth of the country. She is popular with the far right and with billionaires, most don’t fall into those categories.

  13. The most divisive, delusional, dangerous, arrogant megalomaniac given power by default…… who seems hell bent on the destruction of our Country….if you vote for her you will get whats coming …..a decades of hell…… thank God the Europeans are still welcoming to fleeing brits who wish to retain their European identity and freedoms……. May must be stopped at all costs …….

  14. No. And it will get much worse for her if she continues her destructive path. Brexit will impoverish the ordinary working person. It is a nonsense to suggest we can do better outside this huge trading group than within it. Europe is strong and stable – not Teresa May.

    Only the rich will benefit, and it will be at the expense of the man in the street. On top of the higher costs of imports, and lower productivity leading to wage restraint etc., the National Health Service will be privatised and insurance will take a huge chunk of people’s income.

    Why would anyone on less than £100,000 a year vote for them?

  15. No. Her popularity is like the froth on top of the cesspit. It covers something unpleasant and will soon blow away.
    She is almost like a clone of John Major only far less competent.

  16. Errrrm! not in a million years will she ever be thought popular, that goes alongside David Cameron the coward.

  17. No! No! No! She is a money grabbing, inept, heartless, sneering prima Donna. She can’t debate, has no clear policies and wouldn’t know truth if her bank balance depended on it!

  18. No.
    You don’t want to be believing what you read in the papers.
    Forty years would make her more popular than Thatcher, and who could believe that?
    (Anyone living beyond the white-sock belt of London or formerly employed in a useful productive job I suppose.)
    She’s not been in power long enough to build up a head of hatred yet, which is why she’s calling her snap election now before the whirl-trash consequences of Brexit arrive in the post, as surely they will.

  19. If you equate “hard and nasty” with “strong” then yes, buy if you equate “warmth and compassion” with strong then no.

  20. Definitely not!! Her performance on the Andrew Marr Show was dreadful. She can’t answer a straight question- just like she never answers direct questions on PMQ’s. She won’t do TV debates because she knows she would be destroyed by the other party leaders. She won’t be able to throw her toys out of the pram and resort to personal insults. Her “popularity” is a media construct. Once the public get the measure of her she’ll be seen for what she is ….. a stooge…… all window dressing and no substance – the very opposite of the mantra strong and stable.

  21. Absolutely NOT. She is pathetic. Announced the GE after cabinet meeting clearly instructing her that party popularity gave the best margin for success. But they did not take into account that voters were open to the possibility that Corbyn was a man of principle, policies and ability. Voters no longer willing to be fobbed off with media lies aimed at bolstering the interests of the wealthy media and big business owners.

  22. So no! She is anything but ‘strong and stable’, in fact the total opposite. Her party are in chaos, hounded by corruption and only capable of soundbites. Without a script she is useless. Their policies have crippled this country, and the Tories are becoming a parody of themselves, a laughing stock. More than ever before, the Tories need a leader of genuine substance, someone with passion, experience, integrity and wisdom who can connect naturally with people in all walks of life. At the moment there is only one politician who fits that description, and its Jeremy Corbyn. Maybe the Tories could try and persuade him to change parties, but I really doubt it would work. Unlike many Tories, he is not interested in personal gain, cannot be bought, and is loved by the people he cares for. How many Tory politicians can claim that?

  23. No, no, no, no, no, if she’s got so many supporters, where are they? I haven’t met one yet! Tories have always been lying, cheating, self serving scum bags but she doesn’t even attempt to conceal it!! Worst PM ever!!!!

  24. Absolutely NO !!! She is a total joke. Can’t answer a simple question that only requires a Yes or No answer. Behaves like a spoilt child in parliament. Had to do more U Turns than a demented Tasmanian devil. So far up Donald Trump’s backside that you can see her eyeballs whenever he opens his mouth. Has as much appeal as a pound of rancid tripe.

  25. No, she and her government are greedy and self serving. They are destroying our public services, selling off to their friends. Their treatment of those with disabilities is disgusting. Making this election about Brexit is a smokescreen which allows them to avoid answering questions about other areas of their ‘goverenance’. They have increased the debt despite ‘austerity’. Incompetent and she looks like an awkward idiot!

  26. Can’t think off script. An intellectual lightweight. She will get absolutely crucified in any upcoming EU Brexit negotiations. She became Prime Minister by default and owing to the total disarray in the Tory party after the referendum. She’s completely out of her depth and she’s surrounded by a lot of self serving people who can manipulate her as they will. She has u-turned on hugely important issues and is generally vacillating and indecisive. Possibly the worst person we could have as Prime Minister.

  27. No. You the papers brainwashed us into brexit too. haha has there ever been so many bloody polls telling us who the next pm is going to be.

  28. No she is no. She is the worst. This country needs jeremy corbyn .
    The newspapers are paid to lie about JC and make May look good.
    WORST PRIMEMINISTER along side Cameron

  29. No. No and no.
    She is weak and wobbly. Directionless. Totally unable to connect with the voting public.
    She is not fit to run a bath, never mind a country.
    Vote Labour on 8th June.

  30. NO! No way in Hell is she! The media is clutching at straws, while their gravy boat is quietly sinking to the depths of the swamp from which arose monsters such as this morally insalubre one they try to prop up with incredible assness propaganda, which flies so blatantly in the face of reality.

  31. No. Theresa May is incapable of engaging the public unless it’s a staged “public” at a factory, “childrens party” or whatever. Jeremy Corbyn will sooner speak to the people than the cameras, as was evident last week when he had to turn away from the crowd to face the reporters.

    Take away May’s script of rehearsed answers (never to the questions being asked, of course) and she falls to pieces, easily the most useless political leader in decades. That’s why she won’t take part in a live debate; it would be a P.R. disaster. Tim Farron wiped the floor with her at debates in 1992, ALL leaders would wipe the floor with her in 2017.

  32. NO.
    What I want is a Prime Minister who leads by example. Someone who has behaved with integrity and honesty throughout their political career. Someone who refuses to get down on bended knee to a corrupt elitist establishment. Who puts people before profit. Values before popularity. Someone who can inspire me to be a better person. I’ll be voting for Jeremy Corbyn on 8th June.

  33. Absolutely NO! She is a very weak leader as we have seen by all of her U turns, her inability to answer questions instead she just rolls out meaningless slogans, and her total disregard and lack of compassion for the ‘non elite’. She is a vile, hateful harridan who openly displays her utter delight at seeing the suffering she is causing! MAKE JUNE THE END OF MAY. JC4PM.

  34. The Tories are a disgrace to humanity as is our rabid right wing media. They are only interested in perpetuating the wealth and privilege of ‘their kind’. The Tories’ economic record is appalling, failing to lower the deficit and debt despite crippling austerity which has deepened the plight of those who need a liitle support to contribute fully to sociey. An unequal society is a failing society but the Tories just dont care about that. They keep trotting out the same old lies about their achievements. I cannot understand how anyone considers them to be delivering good government. May is the tip of the iceberg of rotten Tories.

  35. NO NO NO here’s the best slogan
    “Make June the end of May!”
    How about live debates??? The liar can only do edited news!!
    Tories, killing the NHS! Killing all services, youth clubs, local clinics, advisory clinics all gone! Making sure only the wealthy get a decent education, only the wealthy can afford higher education, and only the wealthy get well paid jobs!
    Brexit under the Tories will absolutely crucify the ordinary worker! May will only have the rich in mind, the ordinary worker will get a load of austerity and promises of better in the next 5 years!!Tories have been in 7 years and still blame Labour for their failings!!!
    Conservatives = the party of cheats and liars!!!

  36. Teresa May is a disgrace to humanity. Cold, heartless and totally divorced from the lives and problems of the populace she is paid to represent and protect. Part of me wants to see the Tories stuck with the problem of resolving Brexit over the next 5 years as it is set to be such a disaster that no one will ever vote Blue again in my lifetime. They got us into this mess, let them get us out of it, or carry the can for their ineptitude.

  37. No. No way. Shes lucky the labour party are in the state they’re in. Thats down to them for being so complacent. They should have seen what was going to happen after Brexit. They need a decent leader. Jeremy Corbyn is not that leader. Saying that people will get behind labour just to get rid of the tories. In spite of Corbyn. Not because of.
    Its just luck. Nothing else. No leadership quality with her. Shes the leader of the worst party since Adolf Hitler threw his name in the hat. An unbelievable situation for a country to be in. Most popular leader. Don’t make me laugh.

    • Andy, it is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all shadow of a doubt.

    • I agree May is lucky to have the 171 but why the ridiculous soundbite Corbyn is useless look at his manifesto, his record, his work schedule, his strength at standing up to all that is slung at him from the MSM never getting rattled, always answering any question thrown at him, anything that takes work other than our stolen money to fix. We had such a man in 1945, we’ve got him again in Corbyn why can’t you see it?

    • I agree May is lucky to have the 171 but why the ridiculous soundbite Corbyn is useless look at his manifesto, his record, his work schedule, his strength at standing up to all that is slung at him from the MSM never getting rattled, always answering any question thrown at him, anything that takes work other than our stolen money to fix. We had such a man in 1945, we’ve got him again in Corbyn why can’t you see it?
      All * were completed why wasn’t it printed

  38. No, definitely the worst in my lifetime. Have alwasy voted Tory, so even for the Torygraph this is a big stretch. Certainly won’t vote for her in June.

  39. No she is the worst since thatcher , (I will not capitalise her name) a bumbling mind set automaton, leading this country into disaster if she gets returned,

  40. Why doesn’t it occur to anyone who swallows the garbage that’s written in the Metro “newspaper” and I use the word loosely that a publication that is made available on public transport by a Conservative funded press ie the Daily Mail is feeding them Conservative party propaganda and that they are being groomed to vote Tory! Wake up people! You’re better than that!

  41. Most certainly not, possibly one of the worst PM’s we have ever had and that’s including Cameron who did top that list. She is totally out of touch with the people of the country, she has a style that puts people’s backs up, being able to talk at, hector and bully does not make one strong, and continually changing your mind does not make one stable. She is a walking disaster area.

  42. useless, self centred out of touch women who has no idea and can not be trusted to support anyone except the wealthy!

  43. Give your answer here but DO NOT SHARE TO FACEBOOK if you support someone other than that dictator Theresa May or you will be falling into the trap of this which is to get people to post to social media spreading the false message that Kin Jon May is popular.

  44. ? ? ? ? you’re having a laugh aren’t you? I thought this fake news crap was an American thing. Do we have to keep copying them? Teresa is probably the worst PM ever!

  45. NO! She is no way popular, it is not true. Please forgive me Jeremy, but I really really don’t like her, or respect her or admire her.
    The thought of another five years of this callous, awful government actually scares me.

  46. Was it conducted in her Tory only meetings or with the hierarchy of the media? What utter nonsense , Corbyn for me, May is the disaster waiting to happen to this country.

  47. No. Theresa May is dreadful. She must think we are stupid with her robotic “Strong & Stable” brainwashing mantra repeated over and over. Only “Strong & Stable” in her own mind. Jeremy Corbyn has actually proved himself the strongest leader ever, standing firm and unwavering in the face of immense opposition, winning over his detractors, leading his party into an election with policies which will benefit the many, never forgetting the poorest and most vulnerable in the UK. This is the kind of leader we need and why Jeremy commands such a committed following.

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