Live Poll: UK Newspapers Claim Theresa May Is The Most Popular Prime Minister In 50 Years! Yes Or No???

UK newspapers are out to fully support Theresa May just like they all stood behind her during Brexit. Last week saw the Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Express, Daily Star and The Metro, among others start to slowly push the mesage into the public that Theresa May was extremely popular and will win the next general election by a very big percentage. One newspaper claimed that Theresa May will win the next general election by 80%.

The Daily Telegraph claimed that Theresa May was the most popular and best Prime Minister in the last forty to fifty years which led to huge admiration from members of the Conservative Government and UKIP supporters.

However, some Britons said the Daily Telegraph was just pushing propaganda and indeed some commentators online immediately labeled the Telegraph as the “Torygraph” which caused much laughter and jokes.

The Metro newspaper also claimed that Theresa May was the most popular prime Minister in forty years and splashed it on their front page.

However, Political experts say that is not factual reporting but instead pure propaganda. Some have even speculated that these stories were paid for as “advertorials” though that claim hasn’t been proven.

Now is the chance to have an online poll that is free of propaganda or “advertorials”. We require our readers to simply answer the question on Facebook but also on this website so we can easily compile the results in the poll and then we will publish the results online.

Is Theresa May the best and most popular Prime Minister in fifty years? YES or NO??